9 Signs you may have Vitamin D Deficiency

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Vitamin D also known as the sun shine vitamin is one of the necessary vitamins that your body requires. It helps in utilization of calcium and phosphorous in your body and you can suffer from various illnesses if this deficiency continues. In some cases, you do not realize that the issues you are facing are because of the deficiency of this vitamin. So, let’s take a look at different signs that are used as indicator that you lack vitamin D and your body needs a proper treatment.

Indication for Vitamin D Shortage

  1. Your body muscles harden and you face difficulty in moving them. Specially while changing your body posture you have to put a lot of extra effort to manage your motion.
  2. Your bones ache more often because of the lack vitamin D. It happens more in winters and at times this bones pain becomes unbearable.
  3. People having excess weight can also face vitamin D deficiency because this vitamin is fat soluble. So, when you are overweight you are more likely to suffer from this deficiency.
  4. If you do not have that much sun exposure in winters than your body will produce less vitamin D for you as sun is the biggest source of vitamin D.
  5. Your skin complexion also determines the amount of vitamin D your body produces. People with darker skin should have more sun bath in comparison to people having lighter complexion because dark skin cannot produce that much vitamin D.
  6. People belonging to older age group are usually more prone to this deficiency. It’s because when you get old skin cannot get synthesis this vitamin efficiently.
  7. If you suffer from heavy head sweating than you might consult your doctor as it is one of the initial signs of vitamin D deficiency.
  8. Individuals who are incapable of absorbing dietary fat can also suffer from vitamin D deficiency as it is a fat soluble vitamin and if your gut is not able to absorb the vitamin you will have to face its shortage.
  9. People who are fat and have to go through the gastric bypass surgery may also be a victim of vitamin D deficiency. This is because upper portion of the intestine that absorbs vitamin D has been bypassed. So, you have to take more amount of vitamin D for compensating the reduced production.

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Vitamin supplements for canker sores

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Canker sores are small mouth ulcers that cause pain and the sufferer is unable to eat the food easily. It can happen to anyone and there are multiple reasons behind it. One of the top reasons behind this disease is the lack of essential vitamins and minerals in the body, which causes these painful small blisters to appear inside your mouth. So, doctors and dentists often suggest additional vitamin supplements for healing it.

Vitamins that should be a Part of Your diet for Curing Canker Sores

A healthy nutritious diet can help you in curing canker sores. Ask your dentist and he or she will certainly provide you a diet chart that includes all the essential vitamin supplements that can prevent canker sores. Some dentists also give you additional vitamins for fulfilling the deficiency in your body. Let’s have a look at some of these mandatory vitamin supplements.

  • Vitamin B12’s treatment is recommended by dentist as studies and experiments prove that the deficiency of this vitamin can cause canker sores repeatedly. This simple and risk free treatment can help you in controlling these sores and pain related to it. So, consult your dentist and go under a quick check for vitamin B12’s amount in your body for further processing.
  • Another protection that can help cure canker sores is dipping the oil on your sore from vitamin E capsule. This will help you recover soon from this painful blister.
  • Vitamin B9’s less amount in the body can also make you suffer from these sores. But, you should ask your dentist for prescription before starting to take this vitamin on your own.

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Vitamin and outdoor activities

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Outdoor activities are a part of a full of life people as picnics and open air freshens them up lessening all their stress and tensions. Such adventurous help them in beating a certain disorders that can attack you if you do not breathe and experience fresh air. But, the issue with such trips, specially camping trips is that one has to relay on the available food and certain items containing the necessary vitamins are not a part of their daily intake. So, for that purpose you can make a list of the necessary items that contains vitamins that you should get with yourself on your camping trips.

Planning the Camping Trip’s Food List

It’s the best idea to plan your food according to the number of nights and days and number of people on the trip so that you do not have to face shortage. In this way, you can enjoy the delicious and healthy food in a fresh outdoor environment.

  • You should take packets of milk with you as it is not only easy to carry but is also a source of vitamin B complex. It will help you keep up your energy level after your tiring walk in the woods.
  • You can also take some oranges with you that provide you vitamin C and you can water your mouth after regular intervals.
  • If you are going to camp at a lake’s side than fish can be the best food item that will help you fulfill your intake of vitamin A and you will feel fresh and healthy throughout your trip.
  • You can also take some dried food items like nuts with you as they can be preserved for longer time without losing their food’s nutrition value. They are also a source of B1 Thiamine and you can fulfill your deficiency easily with their help. Further, they are easy to carry and you can bear their load without any issue.
  • Another instant source of energy that must be a part of your camping food is dates. They are a source of Vitamin B and C and help you in gaining your lost energy level instantly.

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Folic acid: What does it do?

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Folic acid also known as vitamin B9 is a necessary water soluble vitamin that your body requires for the formation of nucleic acid. You have to make sure that your body is getting the necessary amount on daily basis as it requires a daily consumption. So, do take care of your vitamin B9’s intake for proper growth and division of body cells.

Functions of Folic Acid

  • One of the most important functions of folic acid to assist the formation of nucleic acid that is the fundamental part of DNA and RNA. It also helps in repairing of these basic genetic units of your body.
  • It is also useful for a healthy brain. Studies show that it helps in improvement of one’s memory. So, do take it after your doctor’s advice if you face memory loss.
  • It also helps the body tissues to form red blood cells that are important for your body’s perfect functioning.
  • It also helps you with the healing process of hearing loss one suffers due to old age phenomenon.
  • It is also helpful in lessening the aging signs and should be taken according to your doctor’s prescription for getting rid of aging issues.
  • Folic acid’s daily consumption also reduces the risk of heart diseases and heart strokes. So, if you are a cardiac patient you can ask your doctor about the benefits of folic acid for your heart.
  • Folic acid is also used directly on swollen gums as it aids in curing multiple gum infections.
  • It also assists people having sleep issues and can aid them in controlling phases of depression.
  • It also saves you from being at risk of allergic diseases.

Significance of Folic Acid for Pregnant Ladies

Folic acid’s proper consumption on daily basis is a must for pregnant ladies as it plays a key role in producing DNA and RNA. Lack of folic acid during pregnancy can lead to certain birth defects and other birth related complications that can affect the brain of the baby. Doctors also suggest folic acids regular consumption for females of child bearing age as it can save them from multiple pregnancies complications. But, do ask your doctor about the dosage and additional supplements as everyone’s condition differ from others. [Read more...]

Vitamin supplement for diabetes

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Healthy and nutritious diet can help you fight diseases as your intake includes a balanced mixture of food items that helps you in growth and your resistant power to fight diseases is build up on its basis. Your daily food intake items have a number of vitamins in it that are essential for proper functioning of your body organs. But, in case you are a patient of diabetes or you are suffering from any sort of allergy then, your diet should have some extra vitamin supplements as your food lack certain items that can cause the deficiency of necessary vitamins in your body. This absence should be controlled by taking additional vitamins as it often lead the patients to other serious diseases.

Essential Vitamins for Diabetic People

There are a list of certain must vitamins that diabetic patients should have in their daily routine to maintain their balance of a healthy diet.

  • Vitamin C: This vitamin is beneficial for patients of diabetes as it can help them control the increased risk of complications like kidney damage that can happen if its lower supply is in the body. So, do have a proper intake of this vitamin in your daily diet.
  • Vitamin D: Also known as the sunshine vitamin helps diabetic people in regulating blood glucose.
  • Vitamin E: Necessary amount of this vitamin lessens the chances of type 2 diabetes. Its intake can help them avoid a number of other diabetes related problems.

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