Why You Should Avoid Megavitamins

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Medical and health science has come up with miraculous inventions and procedures .The primitive purpose for all these procedures has been the betterment of mankind. These inventions help humanity to live a better, healthy and delightful life. Medical science has worked about major ailments and their effects on human body and started thinking about the best composition of nutritional elements, which can assure a healthier and longer living. The results of these advancements in medical science are healthier societies and longer average life. However, there are some loopholes in this fast development. 

Medical science has been unable to make the public aware of the crucial after effects related to various medicines and dietary supplements.

So people with a wish to become healthier have been using these nutrients, without a proper guide, resulting in an imbalance in the physical and mental health.


  • As the name indicates, megavitamins refer to higher vitamin dosage. Megavitamins have been introduced as an effective therapy in the cure of various physical and mental ailments.
  • Megavitamins are used in combination with other supplements and medicines. This approach of treatment is termed as orthomolecular medicine.
  • Some physicians and nutritionists use megavitamins alone, for the cure of diseases which usually have a genetic basis. The genetic conditions of these diseases usually respond promptly to high dosage of vitamins in the body.
  • Megavitamins have been tested in the cure of cardiovascular diseases. Megavitamins are quite different in nature than the multivitamin approach. The excessive amount of vitamins has been used as a method of cure for many diseases.

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Symptoms of Folic acid deficiency

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Folic acid is a necessary vitamin that assists the body to fight against certain dangerous health hazards. You should take required amount of folic acid as per your doctor’s prescription to protect yourself from these diseases. Additionally, there are certain indications that tell you about the deficiency of folic acid. So, let us examine them and if they appear to you too, then you should consult your doctor immediately.

Signs of Folic Acid’s Less Amount in your Body

There are multiple symptoms that indicate that your body requires folic acid and you need to see a doctor for this issue.

  • You can feel fatigued when you are deficient in folic acid.
  • Appearance of frequent grey hair can also be an indication.
  • Multiple infections inside the mouth and different mouth sores.
  • You can also suffer from tongue swelling leading to chewing problems.
  • Continuous feeling of weakness and tiredness is also an indication.
  • Loss of appetite and loss of weight also signs for deficiency of folic acid.
  • You can also face different growth issues as you are lacking an essential vitamin that assists cell division.

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Vitamins for Dry Eyes

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Vitamins and minerals are necessary for everyone as they help the body to function properly. You can suffer from various illnesses and disorders if any of the essential vitamins is not a part of your daily food intake. Dry eye syndrome is one of the diseases that that leaves your eyes with the inability to produce tears and if left untreated it can cause pain or further damage. There are multiple mineral filled food items and vitamins that can help you cure from this disease.

Benefits of Vitamin Filled Diet for Dry Eyes Patients

Vitamins can help dry eye syndrome patients to recover from the disease and they should take a nutritious diet plan for living a care-free life.

  • Vitamins A can help dry eye sufferers to cure from their illness. It is very effective for treating eye inflammation problems. You can use drops of vitamin A for dealing with your eyes pain. So, you can use these drops after consulting your doctor and can save yourself from the disease by following a comparatively cheap treatment.
  • Fish oil can also help you in controlling your dry eye syndrome. This oil should be used by dry eye patients on regular basis for gaining a complete authority over their illness. But you should use it in combination with vitamin E as excessive fish oil reduces the amount of vitamin E in your body. So, ask your doctor and have an additional fish oil supplement for curing your syndrome.
  • Another research shows that green tea is quite effective for your eyes. It contains vitamin B1, B2 and vitamin C and helps you in recovering from your suffering. It also tastes good and you can easily drink it up and can gain benefits in turn.

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9 Signs you may have Vitamin D Deficiency

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Vitamin D also known as the sun shine vitamin is one of the necessary vitamins that your body requires. It helps in utilization of calcium and phosphorous in your body and you can suffer from various illnesses if this deficiency continues. In some cases, you do not realize that the issues you are facing are because of the deficiency of this vitamin. So, let’s take a look at different signs that are used as indicator that you lack vitamin D and your body needs a proper treatment.

Indication for Vitamin D Shortage

  1. Your body muscles harden and you face difficulty in moving them. Specially while changing your body posture you have to put a lot of extra effort to manage your motion.
  2. Your bones ache more often because of the lack vitamin D. It happens more in winters and at times this bones pain becomes unbearable.
  3. People having excess weight can also face vitamin D deficiency because this vitamin is fat soluble. So, when you are overweight you are more likely to suffer from this deficiency.
  4. If you do not have that much sun exposure in winters than your body will produce less vitamin D for you as sun is the biggest source of vitamin D.
  5. Your skin complexion also determines the amount of vitamin D your body produces. People with darker skin should have more sun bath in comparison to people having lighter complexion because dark skin cannot produce that much vitamin D.
  6. People belonging to older age group are usually more prone to this deficiency. It’s because when you get old skin cannot get synthesis this vitamin efficiently.
  7. If you suffer from heavy head sweating than you might consult your doctor as it is one of the initial signs of vitamin D deficiency.
  8. Individuals who are incapable of absorbing dietary fat can also suffer from vitamin D deficiency as it is a fat soluble vitamin and if your gut is not able to absorb the vitamin you will have to face its shortage.
  9. People who are fat and have to go through the gastric bypass surgery may also be a victim of vitamin D deficiency. This is because upper portion of the intestine that absorbs vitamin D has been bypassed. So, you have to take more amount of vitamin D for compensating the reduced production.

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