10 exercises you should do every day to lose 1 pound per week

If you do not have enough time in the morning and need to get up, specially selected exercises can help. It is even called the magic complex, which includes yoga asanas and qigong exercises to not only awaken the body but also revitalize it.
Before you start the exercise, ventilate the room, do some warm-up exercises and then follow the instructions.

Advertisement with the consent of the author of the method, Sergey Borodin, shares these exercises, which will take no more than 10 minutes a day.

1. Pole with ropes


For what: relaxation of the arms, shoulder girdle.

Here’s how it’s done: Imagine your body is a pole and your hands are ropes tied to the pole. When the bar is turned sharply, the ropes slip over the bar. Feet shoulder-width apart. Relax your arms completely and begin to rotate your body around the axis with a full weight shift, gradually increasing the intensity .

Duration: according to your own feeling, but necessary for the number of breathing cycles divisible by 6 (inhalation-exhalation). For example, 6, 12, 18, 36, etc.

2. Heron

Why: To develop coordination, balance, and flexibility, as well as improve circulation in the lower limbs.

Here’s how to do it: Stand on one leg and lift the other so that the thigh is parallel to the floor or even higher than it. Or just as high as possible. Pull the sock toward you. Extend the arm with the same name as the lifted leg, without stretching it. Second arm down. Both palms are rounded as if resting on two balls. Now close your eyes and try to keep your balance. When you are done, lift yourself up on your toes 3-5 times.

Duration: according to your feelings, but not less than 10 seconds.


3. Roller

What for: strengthening the spine, improving blood circulation in it, as well as relieving tension and fatigue.

Here’s how it’s done: sit on the floor. Pull your legs up and wrap your arms around them. Round your back as far as you can. Lean back heavily, roll onto your back, and return to the starting position.

Duration: several breathing cycles, but repetition at least 12 times.

4. Hammer

Why: To relax the spine, especially the shoulder blades. To be combined with the exercise “Roller”.

How to do it: Lie on your back. Place your arms crosswise around your shoulders. Round your back as far as possible. Raise your upper body and tap your back lightly on the floor.

Duration: several breathing cycles, but repeat at least 12 times.

5. Stretching

Why: relaxation and recreation. The exercise is a balancing exercise after “roller” and “hammer”.

How to do it: Lie on your back. Cross your fingers and stretch your arms up as far as you can. Pull up your socks.

Duration: according to my own feelings.

6. Candle

Why: Improves blood supply to the brain, which has a positive effect on the health of the entire body. Regular exercise improves thinking, memory and performance. The need for sleep decreases and breathing becomes less frequent.

How to do it: Lie down on the floor. The legs are stretched upwards. Hands support the rack at the hips or lower back (in the latter case, the position is higher). Pull your socks up to the ceiling. Important: Do not strain your neck too much.

Duration: several breathing cycles.

7. Sphinx + Cobra

Why: To strengthen the back, the spine becomes more flexible and mobile.

How to do it: Lie on your stomach. Raise your upper body and place your forearms on the floor. Forearms parallel to each other. Shoulders down, eyes forward, toes out. This is the “sphinx.” Now stand on your hands. The spine is even more arched. Look forward or upward. This is “Cobra.” Then back into the sphinx.


8. Embryo

What for: balancing the spinal flexion – after a strong backbend, you should round the back as much as possible. Stimulates the digestive organs and prevents the deposition of salts in the knees.

How to do it: feet under the feet, knees together. Lower yourself forward and round your back as much as possible. Wrap your arms around your knees or stretch them forward.

Duration: several breathing cycles until complete relaxation.

9. Twisting

What for: improve the mobility and flexibility of the spine, stretch the muscles and even reduce the size of the abdomen. Useful in the prevention of back pain.

Here’s how to do it: sit on the floor, put one leg forward and press the other against your thigh. Turn your body to the opposite side, place one hand on the floor and the other on your knee. Repeat the process on the other side. The head is turned and points in the opposite direction of the rotation, increasing the effect.

Duration: optional, don’t forget about breathing cycles.

10. Slopes

What for: strengthening the spine and lower back, stretching the tendons.

Execution: feet at double shoulder width. Arms are stretched out to the side. Without changing the position of the arms, bend to the left. Fix the position, make a few cycles of inhalation and exhalation. Return to the starting position. Bend to the right and do the same number of cycles of inhalation and exhalation on the other side. Now bend down and touch the ankle of the other leg with your hand. Look at this hand with the other hand extended upward. Same breath cycles and return to the starting position. Then bend over to the other leg. At the end of the exercise, do a balancing backward bend.

Duration: optional.