Despite being part of the muscle band that joins the lower body with the upper body, the lower back is one of the regions that receives the least focus in training. Although you need to work your upper back to achieve the famous “V” shape, it is also highly recommended that you include some lower back gym exercises like the ones we recommend in this post in those routines.



Lumbar hyperextension (spine)
Also known as a spine extension, this is one of the most effective lower back exercises you can do in the gym. In addition to allowing you to intensely work the muscles located in the lower region of your back, you will be able to engage your glutes and the back of your legs (hamstrings) to a certain extent.


Stand on a Roman bench supporting your hips and the front part of your legs on the padded area and trying to leave the pubis free.
Secure your ankles in the supports at the bottom of the bench.
Extend your trunk until you achieve a completely straight posture from head to toe.

Place your arms crossed at chest height.
Slowly flex your hips until you achieve an angle of approximately 90º.
Hold the position for a second and extend your hips in a controlled manner until you return to the starting position.

Keep your back straight the entire time.
Try not to overextend your waist back.
Avoid concentrating the effort on the head and/or neck.


Barbell deadlift (bent knees)

It is a basic exercise in lower body routines, especially to work the gluteal muscles. With some variations, a strong stimulus is achieved in the lower back or lumbar area.


Stand behind a bar with your feet shoulder-width apart.
Slightly bend your knees, but checking that they do not exceed the tip of your feet. This position will allow you to emphasize the work on the lower back.
Lean forward keeping your torso upright and respecting its natural curve.

Take the bar with a pronated grip, that is, with the palms facing the body.
Exhale as you straighten your core and lift the barbell to a vertical position.

Maintain a contraction of the muscles in the back of your body throughout the movement.
Avoid arching your back.
Relax your arms to make your body move.

Forward bending of the trunk (good morning)

We end the three lower back exercises in the gym with the forward bend, also known as Good Morning, as the movement involved resembles a bow. It is a complete exercise with which you work the lower back, the gluteus and the back of the leg (hamstrings) that stretches and contracts during the exercise.


Stand tall with your legs shoulder-width apart.
Choose a bar with the appropriate weight and bring it behind your head to support it between the neck and the shoulder blades.
Bend your knees a bit.

Take an inhalation as you lean your trunk forward as if you were going to bow in greeting.
The torso should be parallel to the ground and without rounding the back.
Move your hips in the opposite direction.
Exhale the air from your lungs while in a controlled way you raise your trunk until you return to the starting position.

Keep your back straight throughout the movement.
Raise your head and keep your eyes straight ahead.
Do not try to flex your trunk beyond a 90-degree angle.

Also known as the lumbar region, the lower back takes on great importance in the central area of the body as it is involved in almost all the movements you make in your daily life. From lifting something off the ground to serving as a support for many tensions and loads that you carry out in your routines. Including some of the lower back exercises from the gym that we just recommended will not only help you strengthen those muscles, but it will also keep some risks of back pain away. So put these movements into practice. Remember that for repetitions, intensities and weights you can approach the staff, who are here to help you execute the movements properly.