Have you joined the gym? 11 tips to train well and not die trying

If in this 2017 you have decided to start working out your body in the gym and continue going all year round, you should definitely read the following 11 tips to train well and not die trying your first days of effort.
If you have just joined the gym and want to achieve a regular training that will allow you to be in shape by the end of the year, a sudden start, poor planning or other mistakes that you can easily avoid are your main enemies, therefore, consider the following 11 tips to start your work without dying in the attempt:

seek help


If you go through your first days in the gym, you will surely find yourself a little disoriented and you will not know where to start. If you try to get ahead you can only fall into serious mistakes that harm the achievement of your purpose.

Therefore, seek help, approach a monitor and explain what you are looking for, your goals and your long-term wishes. Allow them to guide you, guide you and organize your work with an adequate routine, with exercises appropriate to your beginner body and thus, you will be able to move forward little by little to walk your path at a steady and independent pace.

It can help you to start knowing the machines that you will find in every gym as well as what is the proper behavior of a gentleman in the gym.


Prioritize technique.

Losing patience when starting in the gym and wanting to do everything that others do or lift heavy loads is a serious mistake, because the first thing is always to get a good work technique.

It’s not wasted time! dedicating the first days in the gym to gaining a good technique for executing each movement and acquiring adequate positions is key to obtaining results and preventing future injuries that may delay the arrival of achievements due to effort.

If you want to move forward at a steady pace without frustration and with fewer bumps along the way, it is best to prioritize technique at the beginning.

Dedicate time to your work

If you arrive late you will leave later, because you cannot work faster and get the same results. Especially in your beginnings, you need to be patient and dedicate time to your work contemplating the route, the execution and the rest of each movement.

If you train slowly you will achieve more results, because the learning will be greater and the effort will be more careful. Therefore, remember that your work in the gym is an investment for your body and therefore, it needs you to dedicate time to it.

If you do not have enough time, it is preferable to shorten the routine or simply not go to the gym and leave the scheduled training for another day than to do things in a hurry and in a bad way.

Don’t forget to rest

Although at first they will make you want to move fast and therefore, perhaps you try to go to the gym every day, you should know that your body needs rest, therefore, training for a long time and daily is a serious mistake.

Muscles grow while they rest, and your body undergoes positive adaptations that training encourages while at rest. Therefore, if you want to see results, progress at a steady pace without falling into injuries or overtraining, it is important that you respect the rest times.

By going to the gym about three days a week, one hour each session is enough to make progress.

Avoid comparisons

To start training in the gym on the right foot and not die trying, it is essential that you do not look around and pretend to do the same, that is, you must avoid comparisons.

From looking the same to lifting the same weight or training at the same speed or with similar exercises can be harmful if you are just starting out in the gym, therefore, it is best to focus on the routine that the monitor has given you, on taking a good technique and in growing little by little to put aside the role of beginner.

Avoiding comparisons will give you the courage to move forward appropriately and achieve results without the progress always seeming little to you.

Laces are not synonymous with good work

How many times have we heard that muscle pain after training is a consequence of a good job done? This is an erroneous statement that does nothing but harm us, because although there may be soreness the day after our start, their presence is not essential nor does it qualify the quality of the work.

If you have already started training and you have had only a slight muscle pain, you do not need to carry more weight or train longer to have more soreness, because its presence is not synonymous with good work.

Although you will surely feel them, remember that they are normal when the muscles are strained and that they should pass after a few days, otherwise, it is always better to consult a professional.

Avoid distractions

Going to the gym often involves not only training but also socializing and finding colleagues who motivate us to continue day by day. However, when it comes to making an effort, it is better to avoid distractions.

If we spend a lot of time talking to other people, answering the mobile phone or answering personal messages, it is likely that we do not dedicate the time that it deserves to our training and there, we can make mistakes when trying to speed things up.

Therefore, socialize but avoid entertaining yourself beyond the limits that allow you to train correctly, without haste and with quality work.

Work all muscle groups

It is common that we like some exercises or muscle groups less than others, therefore, we usually spend a lot of time doing “easy” or pleasant work and avoid the one that requires us the most or that we like the least.

However, it is key to achieving results and reducing the risk of injury that we do not overlook exercises that have been indicated to us, but that we work all muscle groups properly.

Thus, we will avoid muscular imbalances and we will achieve the body in shape that we have so desired.

Choose the right outfit

To train properly and safely, it is important to select the correct clothing. It is not about buying the most expensive sneakers or investing in sophisticated sports equipment, but it is important to have footwear, a shirt and pants that allow free movement and above all, provide us with comfort.

Of course, style also matters, but the first thing is to feel comfortable and comfortable so that the center of our attention is training and not pants that fall or a shirt that squeezes us.

If you choose to be fashionable, let this not be the cause of discomfort in the gym.

Remember to warm up and stretch

Warming up and stretching are also part of the workout, and will offer benefits to each exercise as well as help you prevent injuries and see results.

For a comprehensive development of your body and greater performance in each exercise session, it is key that you do not overlook the warm-up to get into a work rhythm and the stretching either at the beginning or at the end of your routine.

Cooling down is also important if you include cardio at a high pace and intensity in your routine, because the sudden brake does not benefit your body and its subsequent recovery.

Watch your diet

The work does not end just by going to the gym, but the diet is the pillar that must always accompany training so that our body performs at its best and also, to obtain more and better results.

So, remember to take care of your diet so that the start in the gym bears the desired fruit and, together with these 11 tips, will help you continue training without dying in the attempt during the first days of work.